Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Say cheese, it's picture day!!!

KU is becoming a puzzle whiz...she loves them! 

She did this hard one all by herself.

Looking a little bit like Rudolph.

This girl's got a lot of grit...she loves to compete, hates to lose and is so tough. 

We have good days...

And some bad days too...

Either way...we love her so much and enjoy the joy she brings to us every day. At 4 years old some of the fun things she says... when something makes her happy she started saying, "mom/Dad, that makes my heart feel different." We don't know where she got it from but it makes our heart feel different every time she says it. The other big thing she says is instead of forget, she says "gotfor."  She's always gotforing things. "I gotfor where my shoes." I gotfor what I was going to do." She wakes up smiling each day gives the best hugs ever. She puts her all into the hugs she delivers and can make anyone smile with her fun sense of humor. We love you Kawlins!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Cheers to our dad

Happy Father's Day to the one that loves us the most & puts us before anyone or anything else. We love you Dad!

Our dad even takes care of our friends. Blowing dryer our neighbors hair b/c she came down to see if the girls could play and Dad didn't want her having wet hair out in the cold air! 

On the Ferris wheel at the Mall of America!

Motivational speaker and crew chief

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

GForce Starfighters 

Reesing completed her cheer season with the GForce Starfighters back in mid-May. They had a really great season overall with two 1st place finishes, with the final one winning them a bid to the national competition in Dallas, TX. Reesing had a lot of fun this past season and learned a lot. This was her second year of cheer with GForce. This past year she spends up to 7 hours a week in the gym and loves every minute of it. We told her at the start of the season that the first time she complained about going to practice we would have to look at something different & it's been the complete opposite of what we thought. Seven hours in the gym and she's sad on the days she doesn't have practice at the gym. She has again tried out for another season and has made it on the GForce Starfighters squad for the 2017-2018 season. 

Photo shoot before the national awards ceremony in Dallas, TX

The girls managed to squeeze in some swim time after the competition.  (Piper, Bella, Lola, Reesing, Peyton& Annariah) 

Reesing, Sierra & Peyton

2016-2017 Starfighters

And the siblings have fun also. 

Killing time at the hotel.

National stage in Dallas, TX - The Title

Warm ups

Reesing & Sierra

Piper, Reesing & Bella

Cheer Siblings 

Reesing has spent the last two seasons with this same group of girls, first on the Jr. Birdman squad the the Starfighters. They all grew up so much in one year. 

Zero deductions and the wristband to prove it! 

Reesing loves her coach Lacey.

At the last competition of the regular season Reesing was picked as the MVP of her squad  for her positive attitude and dedication. So proud of you Reesy baby!

First place!

And she loves her coach of two years...Coach Jen!

And she enjoyed her stunt buddy, Olivia. A great season has come to an end and she's already back in the gym preping for the next year! Keep up the great work Reesing!

Friday, June 2, 2017

Not my baby Nymore

Kawlins Linda is growing so fast. Not sure who this "big" little one is.